The following are typical items that an inspector may look for during the inspection. This list is not a complete list of items checked during an inspection, but is intended to be a helpful tool.

  • Exterior of Property
    1. Exterior grounds clean of trash, debris, high grass and leaves.
    2. Outside of house clean, trim, and neat (not peeling, chipping or worn). Exterior walls free from holes and breaks.
    3. Roof, chimney, siding, gutters and downspouts all intact and clean with no missing pieces or obstructions.
    4. Handrails and stairs used for egress.
    5. Decks and handrails secured and free from loose or rotten boards.
    6. Patios, balconies and walkways secured and in satisfactory condition (no loose or broken concrete or railings).
  • Interior of Property
    1. Rental unit maintained in good repair, structurally sound and in sanitary condition
    2. All rooms painted, free of peeling or chipping. All surfaces, including basements, clear of mold and mildew.
    3. All interior stairs and railings maintained in sound condition and good repair.
    4. All floors and floor coverings free of any tripping hazards and weak sub floors (no raised edges, open seams or tears).
    5. Every bathroom must have a window or a working ventilation fan exhausted to the exterior.
    6. Closets have doors, poles and shelves secured. Sliding closet doors have door guides secured to the floor.
    7. The unit must be free from infestation by rodents, vermin and/or insects of any kind.
  • Windows
    1. There shall be at least one window in every bedroom and living room.
    2. Every operable window shall be easily opened and capable of being held in position by window hardware.
    3. Window locking devices in proper working order.
    4. No loose or missing glass or glazing; no chipping or peeling paint.
    5. All operable windows must have screens that are free from tears and holes.
  • Doors
    1. Doors providing access to a rental unit shall be equipped with a doorknob and exterior key lock only.
    2. Sliding patio doors shall open and close easily, have a working lock and an operating screen free from tears and holes.
    3. All doors must be free from holes and otherwise in sound condition.
    4. All bedrooms and bathrooms must have a privacy door.
    5. Doors must open and close freely and latch properly within the frame.
  • Appliances and Utilities
    1. The cooking range must be clean and operable with all control knobs and handles. Gas stove burners must light by pilot jets without the use of incendiary devices (Matches, lighter, etc…)
    2. The refrigerator must be clean and in working condition.
    3. There shall be adequate space for the preparation and storage of food.
    4. The electrical switches and outlets must operate properly. There shall be no electrical hazards of any kind such as missing or broken cover plates or fixtures, exposed wiring, etc…
    5. The gas must be operable and in working order. Furnaces and hot water heaters must be properly vented and sealed.
    6. Plumbing fixtures shall be in working order and provide adequate water pressure with hot and cold running water in the kitchen and bathroom(s). There must be a shower or bathtub that is in working order properly caulked with no mildew or mold.
    7. Toilet must operate properly and be in sound condition connected to a public sewer or approved private sewage disposal system.
    8. The water supply shall be free from contamination with no leaks in any faucet, pipe or under any sink.
    9. The heating system shall be safe and sufficient to provide heat during the heating season. The heating unit must be properly installed and vented and otherwise in good working order.
  • Fire and carbon monoxide devices
    1. Smoke detectors must be properly installed and in working order.
    2. Carbon monoxide detectors must be properly installed and in working order.
    3. A Fire Extinguisher is required in single-family dwellings and duplexes. It shall be at least a 2A:10B:C, rated for residential use and hung in a visible location within 10 feet of the kitchen area, on higher than 5 feet above the floor.